The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America

Session 13: The Future of the Conservative Movement

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Guest Lecturers: Senator Rand Paul, The Honorable Ralph Eugene Reed, Jr., and Former CIA Director James Woolsey

Themes: The future of conservatism as mainstream political philosophy in American politics; the question of conservative identity; the extent to which the aspirations of the conservative Movement have been realized, are considered no longer relevant, or left unsatisfied.

Recorded: 4/18/2012

Required Reading:

Blond, Philip. “Rise of the Red Tories,” Prospect

Douthat, Ross. “In Search of a New Majority,” Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream

Lawler, Peter. “Postmodern Conservatism, Conservative Postmodernism,” Arguing Conservatism

Nash, George. “How Firm a Foundation? The Prospects for American Conservatism,” Reappraising the Right (P. 355-366)

Scruton, Roger. “How to be a Nonliberal, Antisocialist Conservative,” Arguing Conservatism

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander. “A World Split Apart”

Recommended Reading:

Kirk, Russell. “Conservatives’ Promise,” The Conservative Mind

Nash, George. “Whither Conservatism?,” The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America since 1945 (pages 575-583)

Nisbet, Robert. Conservatism: Dream and Reality (pages 85-118).

Course Overview

Section One: Introduction
Section Two: The Foundations of American Conservatism
Section Three: The 20th Century and the Recovery of a Conservative Tradition
Section Four: Conservative Triumph, Consensus, and Crisis