The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America

Session 9: The Reagan Revolution

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Guest Lecturer: General Edwin Meese, IIIView a short interview regarding this theme

Themes: The culmination of the conservative movement in Ronald Reagan and the Reagan administration; the role of ideas in the successful Reagan political campaigns and in shaping administration policy; the extent to which Reagan appealed to and made use of the principles of libertarianism, traditional conservatism, and neo-conservatism.

Recorded: 2/29/2012

Required Reading:

Reagan, Ronald. “A Time for Choosing”

Reagan, Ronald. “The First Inaugural Address”

Knott, Stephen F. “Mr. Reagan Goes to Washington,” The Enduring Reagan (p. 75-92)

Nash, George. “Conservatism Ascendant: The Age of Reagan and Beyond,” The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 (p. 555-573)

Gamble, Richard. “How Right Was Reagan?”

Recommended Reading:

Hayward, Steven. “Is the ‘Age of Reagan’ Over?,” The Enduring Reagan (p. 141-156)

Nash, George. “Ronald Reagan’s Legacy and American Conservatism,” Reappraising the Right

Shirley, Craig. “Prologue: A New Beginning,” “Epilogue: Destiny,” Rendezvous with Destiny

Course Overview

Section One: Introduction
Section Two: The Foundations of American Conservatism
Section Three: The 20th Century and the Recovery of a Conservative Tradition
Section Four: Conservative Triumph, Consensus, and Crisis