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Elite Summer Conferences

Two great opportunities for thoughtful conservatives

Principles of Liberty

an intensive one-week seminar

July 6-11, 2015
Bryn Mawr College • Pennsylvania

Every summer, ISI brings together a select group of promising young conservatives to learn the principles underlying American liberty. Through lectures, seminars, and evening symposia, participants will discuss political theory and American government with distinguished speakers and faculty.

Learn from the greatest texts, the best teachers, and prominent political commentators, at this full-scholarship, one-week program for college students.

ISI summer faculty has previously included renowned public intellectuals such as Roger Scruton, Peter Augustine Lawler, Wilfred McClay, and Russell Hittinger.

Arguing Conservatism

a rhetoric & debate symposium

July 12-17, 2015
Russell Kirk Center • Mecosta, Michigan

You've read the books. You've heard the lectures. You've taken the classes. You've written the papers—sometimes even on time. But in the classical tradition, the content of one's knowledge isn't education enough- you must also master the art of rhetoric.

This summer, ISI will be taking conservative thought to a new intellectual level. Twenty-four outstanding students will be selected to learn the art of rhetoric and debate at the ancestral home of the legendary political theorist, Russell Kirk. Participants will engage in an intensive week of philosophical debate in the spirit of such traditional debating societies as the Oxford Union, Cambridge Union Society, and the Yale Political Union.

Application deadline: March 15, 2015.